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If you’re a web developer, welcome to the place which is going to answer all of those thorny problems you’ve been running into. AZ Forums gathers the best in web talent in one convenient location. Here we can chat about joomla, drupal, WordPress or even the delights of pure HTML. We live breathe and sleep PHP here, so this is a place to bring your most complex issues for dissection amongst trusted members of the tech community.

Here are our Rules and Guidelines

The Basics:

• Try to ensure a friendly atmosphere to everyone.
• Be responsible, and help our staff to make sure that everyone is following the rules.
• If you have any comments or concerns, be sure to contact a member of staff.
• Enjoy yourself!

Community Guidelines:

» Do not insult or flame. Try and keep it clean and friendly.
» Keep swearing to a minimum. Most words are fine, the worst are filtered out.
» Spamming can be an issue, so keep that to a minmum too.


• Double posting is allowed in most cases, more can cause trouble.
• Don’t bring back old topics for no reason. If you have a reason, be sure to state it.
• Chain Posting is frowned upon, try not to do it. Spread your posts around our many forums.
• Bumps are allowed, but only after 1 full day since your last post in that topic.


» To post your site, please use the Show off your Board Forum.
» If you pm advertise, you will have your pm system removed. Don’t do it.
» In more extreme cases, you will be banned.
» You are allowed to advertise in your signature, but keep it small.

Signatures & Avatars:

• Maximum signature height: 200px. If you signature is too tall or too wide, we will remove it.
• Avatars are allowed up to a maximum size of 150 x 150. Any size up to that is welcome.
• If you use an animated avatar, be sure that is doesn’t slow down the board.

Moderation & Bans:

» You may receive a warn for doing something against the rules above.
» A warn may be removed by apologising to whom is concerned and following the rules.
» Bans cannot be removed, unless in extreme cases.
» You are not allowed to have multiple accounts. 1 account per person.

Everything else:

• Do not start negative topics, let’s keep it positive!
• You may not post graphically disturbing images such as porn.
• Software may not be shared illegally, and posting any will result in a ban.
• You may not share a persons personal information without their consent